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COVID 19 Update P3 Farrier Supplies

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31 March 2020 - UPDATE for web sales

We are currently reviewing the situation in order to be able to supply some of the essentials to help maintain the health and welfare of equines.

Please place orders on the website. We will ship as soon as possible. Please note, couriers have reduced capacity and there are delays in the courier network during the lockdown.

We currently have no option to collect orders in person.

Please email support@p3equestrian.com with any comments, questions or concerns and please stay safe


26 March 2020 - COVID-19 Updated

Today we are closed for lockdown and working from home. We are not processing any orders for collection or courier/shipping.

We are available via Email or live chat.

Please contact us directly for any critical supplies for essential services support@p3equestrian.com


24 March 2020 - COVID19

We are supplying an essential service industry with animal health products.

Our business remains open for web sales and deliveries at this stage. Please place all orders on the website or via email until further notice.

P3 Farrier Supplies USA

We are currently processing a huge expansion of our US stock range!Here at P3 Equestrian, we supply people with what they need. Farriers, barefooters, vets, horse owners and trainers across the globe rely on our services to get the job done. They do so as we supply a wide range of tools, hoofcare items, and [...]

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New Nanric + NC Tool Products

This week, we have enabled 22 new Nanric products. Included in this update are the Rongeur, Hoof Tester, Foal Extensions, Navicular X-Ray Block and more.  See all of the newly added products! We've added 4 new NC Tool products:  Farrier Chaps - featuring tough polyester web belts and quick releasing leg straps.Anvil - featuring opposing square & round cliphorns for making great clips [...]

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HUGE Inventory and Jewelry Update

This week, we’ve added quite a few new products to our inventory:White Lightning Gel, Absorbine Magic Cushion (also in Xtreme), the Derek Gardner Forging Hammer, Yoder Stall Jack, the TTM Farrier Apron, Kevin Bacon’s Naturel Hoof Dressing, Active Soap and Hoof Solution For Thrush , Kahn Forge Hoof & Nail nippers and Crease Nail Pullers.We also have added 4 Nanric products:The Heel Extension Foal Shoe, Lateral/Medial Extension Foal [...]

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Sterling silver jewelry

Today we added our range of beautiful sterling silver jewelry to the website.With a distinct farrier, hoofcare and equestrian theme, the jewelry makes for a perfect gift for somebody special or just to treat yourself.Made right here in the US by Rusty Brown, our most popular pieces include the nail heart necklace, shoe heart necklace [...]

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Hoof testers

We just uploaded some hoof testers to the web-store. These are an essential tool for farriers, equine veterinarians and horse owners who need to ascertain the location of hoof abscesses within the hoof capsule of the horse or pony.At the moment, the hoof testers have free shipping when you purchase online from this website.Buy hoof testers [...]

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The Hoofjack farrier hoof stands have now been listed altogether on one product page.We hope this makes them easier to find and see all the different sizes and colors that are availabe and compare them.We supply mini, standard, medium and draft models which should have your horses covered!Our best selling combination is the Hoof jack [...]

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Farrier supply USA

This is our first blog post for our farrier supply webstore. We're looking forward to keeping you updated on what we have to offer and adding new products regularly.As you can see, we supply farriers, equine vets, trainers and riders with some of the best farrier tools, hoof treatments and equipment that is available in [...]

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