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HUGE Inventory and Jewelry Update

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This week, we’ve added quite a few new products to our inventory:

White Lightning Gel, Absorbine Magic Cushion (also in Xtreme), the Derek Gardner Forging Hammer, Yoder Stall Jack, the TTM Farrier Apron, Kevin Bacon’s Naturel Hoof Dressing, Active Soap and Hoof Solution For Thrush , Kahn Forge Hoof & Nail nippers and Crease Nail Pullers.

We also have added 4 Nanric products:

The Heel Extension Foal Shoe, Lateral/Medial Extension Foal Shoes, Protective Foal Shoe and Club Foot Correction Foal Shoe.

In addition to these new items, we have also updated the product description of our RB or "Rusty Brown" collection to provide you with a better understanding of the craftsmanship behind these high-end pieces of jewelry. The collection includes a variety of specialist equestrian-themed jewelry made by the very talented Rusty Brown. Rusty is based in California, USA and has been designing and handcrafting jewelry for over 40 years.


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