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Kahn Forge Crease Nail Pullers

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Kahn Forge

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 Product Description

Kahn Forge crease nail pullers.

A 12 inch long tool for the safe removal of horseshoe nails from the horseshoe.

A mid priced polished farrier tool.

The crease nail puller fits snugly inside the crease/groove of the horseshoe so you can grab two sides of a horseshoe nail. With a little gentle leverage the nail can be loosened in the shoe and then pulled out.

This method allows a single nail to be removed from the shoe without necessarily removing the shoe away from the hoof. This is particularly useful during the horseshoeing process when the farrier is not happy with one nail so can remove that one nail only or in the case of a nail bind soon after shoeing.

Nail pullers can also make the shoe removal task easier for vets or horse owners who might not be as competent as a professional farrier but still need to get a shoe off - if the horse is lame or the shoe is dangerously loose or has moved on the hoof for example. Removing nails one by one using the crease nail pullers can mean less physical effort to the user compared to using a clench cutter/hammer/pull offs.

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